About Victoria Livingston Photography

Evanston Family and Child PhotographerAbout Victoria Livingston Photography

Victoria Livingston Photography specializes in lighthearted child and family photography. Let me help you remember the goofy face your six year old son makes, how your two year old daughter’s eyelashes are the most beautiful you’ve ever seen, and how your family has a genuine (or silly!) love for one another.

About Victoria

In my day to day work, I am a Montessori teacher for children ages 3-6 years old. Everyday, they engage me with their colorful stories, kind spirits, and suspiciously sticky fingers. I love stepping back and letting them experiment with their world, whether that’s trying to jump in mud puddles and losing their boots to the thick muck, or seeing what happens when gravity overtakes their work.

I bring my laid-back nature to your photography session. Childhood may seem eternal sometimes (like when your children are arguing over whose bunny is whose), but preschool graduation soon turns to high school graduation. Children’s personalities are more varied than the food they will actually eat, but they don’t stay children forever.

Let’s document your child’s individuality so you can hold on to these years forever.

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