Frequently Asked Questions

Triplet Child Photography ChicagoWhere are sessions located?

Most photography sessions are held outdoors. There are many great beaches, parks, and nature areas all around the North Shore. For a more urban look, sessions are also held downtown, or in other neighborhoods. Your home can also be an ideal location for a session if you’re wanting to document and remember  daily life with your children.

How many people can be in the session?

For immediate family, there’s no limit! I understand that some families are made up of two members, while other families have six. If you’d like to have extended family at your session, please contact me for details.

Should I bring anything to the session?

If your session includes young children, I recommend bringing a small snack or favorite toy. You may also want to bring any heirloom or treasured items that you want to remember.

What kind of clothing should we wear?

For adults: Wear clothes that you want to remember yourself in. Wear clothes that you feel confident in! These pictures will also be hanging on your walls or sitting on your office desk. If you have a particular style in your home, think about wearing clothes that complement your decor.

For toddlers and young children, I highly recommend clothing they can move around comfortably in. VLP sessions are fun! We go to parks, we run around, and sometimes we jump in puddles.

How do we prepare for a session?

By relaxing! I’ve been on the other side of the camera before. I know it can be stressful to prepare for a photography session. You want everything to look just right, but your shirt doesn’t fit the way you hoped, or your child isn’t sitting still while you braid her hair. Please know, I don’t expect you to be perfect! I understand children are wiggleworms. I promise that I can take a picture that captures your child’s personality, no matter how they’re dressed–but it’s much more difficult to photograph a child who is stressed out over a session, and that includes when parents are stressed. Relax and think about the ways in which you truly love your family–that’s the best way to prepare.

When is payment for the session due?

Payment is due at the time you return a signed contract (a document we go over when you’re ready to book your session). You can find information for pricing here. Once payment is received, your session is booked!

When will I see my pictures?

Approximately two weeks after your photography session, we’ll meet back up in your home so you can view your pictures at your Viewing and Ordering Session. I’ll bring a printed preview of approximately 20-40 images from your session, and we’ll go through your pictures together and decide on your favorites to order.


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